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Our Mission

To stop the unnecessary euthanasia of stray cats and dogs through implementation of spay & neuter programs;

To place unwanted, discarded strays into loving, responsible homes after receiving complete health care and sterilization;

To educate the adults and children of our community concerning the importance of compassion, realizing the direct link between animal abuse and human violence.


S.P.A. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Your Donations are Tax Deductible!

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It hurts to feel.

Consequently, many turn their compassion switch to the "OFF" position. It is less painful to "not" feel. It is less painful to simply look the other way.

It seems that our society is becoming less and less compassionate.

S.P.A. believes that we, as rescuers, are much like Johnny Appleseed, carrying a satchel on our backs filled with tiny seeds of compassion.

It takes trees many years to grow, but eventually, they produce fruit and more seeds germinate and soon one tree begets two trees begets eight trees...

A single tree can create a forest... in time.

This is a very important time, right now. We all must plant as many seeds of compassion as possible.

It may take awhile, but each seed that is planted throughout the course of each day, will eventually mature and touch hundreds, if not thousands of living beings, in ways we can only begin to imagine.

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