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Thank you for your interest in adopting a cat and/or dog rescued by Society for the Protection of Animals, Inc. (aka S.P.A.).

S.P.A. wants to make certain that every animal adopted goes to a loving home where it will be well cared for. Because of this, our application asks a number of detailed questions which are necessary for our screening process. All fields must be filled out in order for application to be processed.

Please allow up to a week for processing your application. Thank you!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This application must be completed by the person who will be responsible for the care of the desired pet. We strive to place each animal in a permanent, responsible, loving home while at the same time finding a suitable pet for you.

While S.P.A. believes all adopted animals to be in good health, unless otherwise noted, we do not guarantee the health of any animal. If you adopt an animal from S.P.A. we may make future inquiry by phone or in person. All information given on this application will be verified.

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Fostering an S.P.A. Rescued Animal

Although we are a placement organization, we do not have a kennel or a central location where we house our pets until we find a forever home for them. We have foster families who are an integral part of our organization. These are individuals or families who have agreed to open their home and their hearts in order to provide a safe and loving environment for these pets until a permanent home can be found. Some of our foster homes have children; most have other pets .

If you love pets , fostering is one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences you can have as it enables you to directly impact a homeless pets life. Fostering is also a great way to have pets in your home without the long-term commitment and financial responsibility that comes with owning pets. While the dog is living with you, your home is their home, you are their family, and they are your pet. Please consider opening your home to one of our needy pets. Fostering is a wonderful opportunity for you to make a difference in the lives of these homeless pets!

Please note that most rescue organizations operate much like we do in that they also use foster homes. If you know of anyone else who might want to consider being a foster home for a pet, please them know about fostering and ask them to contact the rescue of their choice.

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